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My Car: Here it is. Its the 2000 Honda Insight near Clinton Point on Lake Erie.

Click on either picture for a larger view. (The black smoke in the background on the left, is actually a boat that was on fire and in a couple of minutes was to sink. No one was hurt in the event.)

So how good is the mileage? Is it as good as they say? Over 114,000 miles and 63.4 mpg lifetime!

Distance (miles)1/2 WayDescriptionMileage mpg
34.11Cuyahoga Falls to Brooklyn Heights101.3
1151Tallmadge, OH to Presque Isle, PA91.4
4201Akron to Atlantic City85.4
13152Tallmadge to Tobermory, Ontario73.3
7341Tallmadge to Plymough, MA74.6 one tank of gas
7891Akron to Plymouth, MA (via I-90 to Albany to 2 East to I-495)75.4

My Home when its Summer

My Home when its Winter

The backyard

Kitten Kaboodle, cute as a noodle
Acquisitions: I'm now the owner of an adorable black short haired cat, named Kit 'n Kaboodle (or Kitty for short). I found her in a dumpster where I live and she was obviously looking for help. The kitten couldn't get out, being no more than 8 weeks old. No one reported her missing, so I've decided (allergies and all), to give her the best home a cat could dare to expect.

Working: I work at a decently sized engineering consulting firm that has offices in Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana.